Oil & Gas

Oil and Gas

Technical advances such as hydraulic fracturing have shifted the landscape of the petroleum industry and made it possible for the US to become a net exporter of energy.  As one of the fastest growing HR companies we understand accelerated growth and have evolved recruiting networks and strategies that attract top talent despite the scarcity of qualified candidates.  Our strategic HR management solutions enable companies in the upstream, midstream and downstream markets to accelerate their new hire process and secure well qualified candidates in core industry areas:

  • Engineering and Design
  • Exploration and Production
  • Field Operations and Maintenance
  • Health, Safety and Environment
  • Logistics and Supply Chain
  • Management, Marketing and Sales
  • Processing and Refining
  • Research & Development (R&D)
  • Water Services

InGenesis uses industry intelligence and extensive recruiting network resources to source, secure and retain candidates for the oil and gas industry in a wide array of specialties:

Analysts and Consultants (accounting, branding, business, commercial, compliance, environmental health and safety, foreign, legal, operations, systems, tax)

Earth Scientists (geochemists; geophysicists; geologists; hydrologists; researchers; stratigraphers)

Engineers and Technicians (chemical, computer, civil, design, drilling, electrical, facilities, mining, petroleum, pipeline, process, project, production/stimulation, reservoir)

Management (account, customer service, finance, marketing, personnel, plant, project, production)

Operations and Supply Chain (drilling, drivers, foremen, mudloggers (geologists and technicians), roustabouts, seismic, service rig; well testers)

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