Managed Services Program (MSP)

Managed Services Program (MSP)

Managing multiple suppliers can be daunting. A mismanaged supply base is chaotic, while an over-managed supply base distracts your best leaders from their strategic focus.

As your needs evolve, talent engagement programs must also evolve. But without effective supplier management, these programs can stagnate while engagement and productivity decline. Obsolete workforce solutions become new workforce challenges. Efficiencies erode, opportunities disappear, and costs begin to rise.

InGenesis MSP services streamline your organization’s talent acquisition and workforce management supply chain. We provide simplified solutions that deliver the precise mix of services you need, so you spend less time entangled in service issues, and more time focused on your strategic priorities.  

Whether you need remote or on-premises management, vendor-neutral or tiered supplier programs, InGenesis provides the best MSP solution for you. Our MSP management team meets with stakeholders to understand your goals and priorities, configure key features, and integrate our customized solution.

Key Features

  • Talent Acquisition: The goal is to capture top talent. InGenesis tracks all contract variables to develop best practices measures and consolidate top suppliers, so your organization always receives the highest-quality candidates.
  • Talent Management: The InGenesis MSP manages the entire contingent workforce lifecycle. Our program manages engages a vendor management system (VMS) to manage all pre-employment processes, onboarding, time sheets and invoicing, and off-boarding processes. 
  • Supplier Management: InGenesis develops supplier terms and conditions in line with your goals and objectives. We manage supplier performances based on key performance indicators, service level agreements, and compliance requirements.
  • Risk Mitigation and Compliance: Our program works with your organization’s pre-existing suppliers or utilizes our supplier pool to meet contingent workforce needs. We ensure that all suppliers on the contract have the capability to meet requirements. We then utilize our VMS to track compliance of all issues, such as employee status, insurances, background screening, and educational and professional certifications.
  • Manage Cost: Our MSP and VMS solution helps reign in supplier rates and end user spend—including rogue spend--to drive cost savings.  We work with suppliers to keep rates in line with the competitive market rate, and visibility help drive competition among suppliers to keep costs down. Furthermore, InGenesis conducts market research to forecast labor market trends and prepare suppliers for rate changes, surges in the market, and new job descriptions.
  • Program Implementation and Change Management: Our MSP collaborates with your organization and our VMS provider to manage all matters concerning program implementation and change management.
  • Transparency and Visibility: InGenesis engages web-based VMS solutions to over our clients 24/7 access to contract information. Clients can generate standard reports and ad-hoc reports on-demand. The visibility allows you to track the performance of suppliers as well as end users within your organization, and track contract spend.
  • Managing Diversity Spend: Government entities and more than 80 percent of large corporations have diversity spend requirements. As the MSP, InGenesis will manage and track your organization’s diversity spend goals.
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