At InGenesis, talent takes center stage.  We have an experienced recruiting network and successful talent acquisition program in place to close workforce gaps with highly skilled personnel who fit well into your workplace.  Use InGenesis to scale recruitment efforts to meet seasonal demand, market fluctuations or corporate realignments.

Improve results and outperform the competition by adopting flexible and reliable Contingent Workforce Solutions from InGenesis.  Our dedicated client account managers will partner with you to understand your HR issues and customize a temporary staffing solution that lowers your cost-per-hire and controls rogue spend. 

InGenesis secures top talent for direct, contract, task and project-based requirements.  We provide freelancers, independent contractors, temporary contract workers and consultants who meet or exceed your qualification requirements.  

The InGenesis Managed Services Program  (MSP) provides a comprehensive streamlined solution to your complex supplier and contingent workforce needs.  

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