InGenesis Honored by The Quality Texas Foundation for Commitment to Quality, Based Upon Baldrige Performance Excellence Framework


InGenesis (“MSP”) Programs Specifically Recognized—Which Delivers Workforce Solutions within Pharma, Healthcare and Life Sciences Industries.


For Immediate Release:

(San Antonio, TX | June 15, 2018) – InGenesis, one of the largest workforce solutions providers in North America, was recently recognized by the Quality Texas Foundation, a Baldrige affiliated organization, for performance excellence.  The company’s Managed Services Provider (“MSP”) programs were specifically honored for efficiency and effectiveness based upon Baldrige quality guidelines.  InGenesis delivers workforce solutions, including MSP programs within the Pharma, Healthcare and Life Sciences industries.

“We’re appreciative of the recognition by the Quality Texas Foundation, and grateful for the Baldrige Excellence Program” said Dr. Veronica Muzquiz Edwards, CEO of InGenesis and one of only a handful of yearly applicants to earn the prestigious title of Baldrige Fellow.  “Our focus on leadership, on strategy and on our customer has aligned us as an organization.  And our commitment to quality and continual improvement is raising the bar within the workforce solutions industry.”

Dr. Edwards added, “our continual improvement efforts and our commitment to fact based analytics help us as an organization, and more importantly they help us better serve our business partners within the Pharma, Healthcare and Life Sciences industries.  Since these organizations save lives for a living, we know we need to improve every day to better serve them and ultimately to serve their patients.”

The shortage of Healthcare Professionals, and STEM workers in the United States has been well publicized in recent years and, by many accounts, is expected to reach crisis levels in the near future.  In a recent Reuters article, for example, and according The Bureau of Labor Statistics, it is estimated that there will be more than a million unfilled RN jobs by 2024.  That translates to 10s of millions of unfilled hospital beds for patients who require medical attention.  It’s a serious matter, and one that Dr. Edwards and InGenesis are addressing head on.

“Technology and innovation will play key roles in improving healthcare into the future.  I sincerely believe that technology will lead the way to the greatest healthcare solutions that the world has ever experienced, explained Dr. Edwards, “but what we are facing today is a complex global problem, and as such it requires a multitude of solutions.  Process improvements, standards, education and awareness will all participate in the greater strategy aimed at delivering improved healthcare for all mankind.”

Dr. Edwards is also the Chair and Head of the US Delegation for ISO, TAG-304, a body committed to improving a healthcare facility’s ability to reduce healthcare costs, increase efficiencies and dramatically improve the world’s ability to see patients, save lives and improve the overall quality of life for everyone.

The Quality Texas Foundation award given to InGenesis is evidence that the organization is taking the steps necessary to participate in the solution to improve global health care.  By committing to quality and continual improvement, and by aligning with a performance excellence program like Baldrige, InGenesis hopes to serve as a role model for other workforce solutions providers serving critical industries such as Pharma, Healthcare and Life Sciences.

MSP programs, such as the award-winning program offered by InGenesis, provide organizations cost savings, improved candidate quality, increased visibility and improved compliance when working with contract labor; an ever increasing percentage of many organizations’ workforce.

About InGenesis

InGenesis, Inc. is a privately-owned workforce solutions firm founded by Dr. Veronica Edwards in 1998. The company’s dedication to quality, innovation, and customer service has made InGenesis one of the largest workforce solutions firms in the United States. The company is one of the only staffing firms to earn a certification from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services for its quality improvement organization. InGenesis is based in San Antonio, Texas with 50 satellite locations in the United States, including a second headquarters in the San Francisco Bay Area. For more information, please visit