InGenesis is working to advance innovation through the International Organization for Standardization (ISO). ISO is the world’s largest developer of international standards, with countries represented through 161 National Standard Bodies.

InGenesis was elected chair and head of the U.S. delegation ISO TC/304 workgroup developing global standards for healthcare organization management. We are currently working with subject matter experts such as the World Health Organization (WHO) on emerging medical challenges, like antimicrobial resistance, telemedicine, hand-hygiene, outcome-based staffing, and more.

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ISO standards help ensure that individuals and communities receive the quality of care they deserve including access to health services, quality care, safe medical practices and equipment as well as cost-effective solutions.

ISO by the numbers:

  • ISO collection currently contains over 19,500 published standards
  • Over 3,200 committees actively developing standards
  • Over 600 organizations participate through liaison relationships with committees
  • Over 100,000 technical experts participate
  • Every day, standards meetings are occurring all over the world

Leadership Team

Dr. Veronica Muzquiz Edwards, our CEO, was elected as Chair and Head of the US Delegation for ISO, TAG/ 304 collaborating on Healthcare Organization Management.

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Social Responsibility

InGenesis’ business structure supports our commitment to create shared value.

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