Our business depends on our ability to collaborate with our suppliers to obtain quality products and services that meet the demands and expectations of our clients and stakeholders.

Managing our supply chain is essential to our success. That’s why we build relationships with committed suppliers whose ethical standards align with our strategic goals.

  • Innovation
  • Diversity Inclusion
  • Sustainability

Supplier Registration

All suppliers are required to register in our supplier portal. To register, you must create a company profile and provide all necessary certification documents.

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Supplier Diversity & Inclusion

Our goal is to provide procurement and development opportunities to diverse suppliers, allowing them to grow within the InGenesis supply chain and in the open marketplace.

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Supplier Eligibility

InGenesis is always on the lookout for suppliers who help us generate value and deliver innovative solutions.

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Supplier Code of Conduct

We are committed to sustainable business practices and the highest ethical, social, and environmental standards.

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Procurement Opportunities

InGenesis requires a variety of products and services to support our daily operations.

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