Functional services provider (FSP) partnerships remove the burden of employment and reduce daily management requirements while maintaining the benefits of strategic control and direct integration within functions of your business. FSPs increase efficiency and flexibility without sacrificing integrity. Defined services and pharmaceutical research clinical trials are key examples of FSP outsourcing. And the FSP model allows specialists and subject matter experts (SMEs) to improve outcomes with unique skillsets in various niche disciplines.

InGenesis Offers:
  • Study design and planning; site identification and start-up
  • Project sourcing, study design and planning
  • Overall program management including a single point of contact, process administering, change management, deliverable and timeline tracking, as well as billing
  • Complete FSP recruitment, pipelining, pooling and onboarding
  • Custom service offerings from a-la-carte to full suite
  • Research and development
  • Clinical operations and monitoring; biostatistics, data management and pharmacovigilance
InGenesis Key Benefits:
  • Improved project quality
  • Business culture experts
  • Speed-to-productivity improvements
  • Cost effective strategies to complete projects on schedule and under budget
  • Flexible, scalable partner
  • National and global reach
  • Payrolling solutions
  • Reduced management time and investment
  • Seamless integration
  • Compliance and project integrity

Statement of Work

Truth is, you cannot manage SOW projects alone. They are often complex and demand experience to automate tasks, standardize contracts and manage milestones.

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Managed Services Provider

Award winning based upon Baldrige Performance excellence guidelines.

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