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About Us

With decades of experience, InGenesis is one of the largest healthcare workforce solutions providers in North America. From contracting top medical talent to providing turnkey managed and functional services, we cover a complete spectrum of healthcare staffing and management solutions. InGenesis sets itself apart through our commitment to delivering competitive, high quality services, with seamless execution. We realize that healthcare workers and our clients have options. They both seek dependable, smooth, individually tailored solutions. We are committed to this reality.

Today, InGenesis manages thousands of professionals, including pioneering clinical healthcare, first responders and life science professionals. We are amazed by our healthcare professionals who inspire us with their selfless heroism to achieve better patient outcomes every day.

Learn about InGenesis as you maneuver through our website and join us while we celebrate and highlight images that have captured timeless moments of appreciation for our healthcare community.

InGenesis in-ge-ne-sis [in-jen-uh-sis] (a combination of ingenuity and genesis).
Characterized by groundbreaking creativity, inventiveness, and innovation.