Our streamlined RPO services achieve better results at a lower cost. InGenesis helps you reduce time-to-hire and interview-to-hire ratios while also offering the flexibility to scale and quickly meet hiring goals.

Becoming your brand: The InGenesis RPO team understands the power of your company’s brand to attract exceptional candidates that want to work for you. We provide the innovation, best practices, and a wide network of talent attraction methodologies to accommodate large-scale projects. Our flexible approach can quickly accommodate demand surges, high volume hiring, and niche positions. We have a long history of securing top talent. Our team leverages our experience and competitive employment packages to target qualified candidates that enhance your brand’s reputation.

Team and Technology: Your dedicated account manager directs the full lifecycle or individual stages of your internal recruitment process. InGenesis provides an experienced team that fully integrates into your operations – or perform services remotely – based on your specific needs. We apply state-of-the-art methodologies that approach both the active and passive candidate populations to attract the talent you need. Selected candidates are evaluated through skill and psychometric assessments that ensure their education and experience will make them a productive member of your workforce.