“Science Is Organized Knowledge. Wisdom Is Organized Life.”

~ Immanuel Kant, German philosopher


InGenesis, a recognized leader in workforce solutions within the healthcare, higher education, life sciences industries and beyond knows what it takes to connect companies with top, best-fit talent.  We’ve built our offering around our clients’ greatest needs: providing a superior experience through end-to-end recruitment solutions that optimize candidate quality, control expenses and deliver measurable results.


As an early pioneer and industry leader in the delivery of outsourced recruitment services, InGenesis has shaped many industry changes over the last 20 years.  We have invested valuable resources fine-tuning our RPO to ensure the delivery of innovative and optimized recruitment solutions.


InGenesis Offers:
  • Full outsourcing – assuming all of your recruiting efforts, across departments, for all positions and across geographic locations
  • Partial outsourcing including your recruiting efforts within a set of defined parameters, by position, geographic region or cost center
  • Customized projects such as specialized and hard-to-fill positions along with surge staffing, disaster management, talent pooling and talent community
InGenesis Key Benefits:
  • Improved candidate quality
  • Optimization
  • Speed-to-hire
  • Speed-to-care
  • Enhanced interview to hire ratios
  • Flexible, scalable solutions
  • National and global reach
  • Workforce forecasting and innovative strategies
  • Social media and branding expertise

Becoming your brand:

The InGenesis RPO team understands the power of your company’s brand. We provide the innovation, best practices, and a wide network of talent attraction methodologies to accommodate large-scale projects. Our flexible approach can quickly accommodate surges and high-volume hiring, as well as niche positions. Our tenured team develops competitive employment packages to target qualified applicants, improve the candidate experience and enhance your brand’s reputation.

Team and technology:

Your dedicated account manager directs the full lifecycle or individual stages of your internal recruitment process. InGenesis provides a skilled team that fully integrates into your operations based on your specific needs. We apply state-of-the-art methodologies that engage both the active and passive candidate populations. Selected candidates are evaluated through skill and psychometric assessments that ensure quality with controls aligned to regional certifying bodies such as the Joint Commission.  Collectively InGenesis’ proprietary process ensures that your candidates will be a productive member of your workforce.


More than ever, your capacity to do business is dependent upon your ability to staff open positions.

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Company Overview

CSR & Diversity and Inclusion: About InGenesis, our heritage and our passions, our commitment to corporate social responsibility and our foundational belief in diversity and inclusion.

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